Water Wellness

Healthy Skin & Body

Water is essential for life as you already know. However not all water is equal. In this time that we live we have found that water must be brought back to its origins to have the most powerful effect on the body, mind and soul.

We offer consultations to help educate and guide you to your healthiest water choices for you and your family. We also offer high vibrational water in our spa for our guests and are happy to share a sample with you. Living clean water is essential to supporting beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Our affiliate company Galanowater LLC offers many water filtration and frequency correctional technology options. We utilize several of these at Timeless and are happy to educate you on how these can be utilized in your home.

For more information on living loving healthy water please contact our front desk at 504-371-5680 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Click this link for a brief demonstration on the importance of high pH water.

Whole Home Filtration
Point of use Filtration
Alkalized water filtration devices