Haydee OrtizHaydee Ortiz
22:02 20 Apr 23
I had an amazing experience with Miranda during my QHHT session Today!!! She walked me through every step of the way through this authentic beautiful peaceful healing procession. I discovered things about myself that without this session I probably wouldn’t know what doors to open or paths to take. It is just an overall amazing experience.
Maddie McFarlandMaddie McFarland
13:10 10 Apr 23
This is a review for my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (Angel Meditation) but first a little background: I was sent to Miranda by an open-minded dermatologist who wasn't able to help me with some mystery skin problems, and who asked if I was open to some sort of energetic/spiritual healing- and she directed me Miranda's way. I had no idea what to expect but from my first energy healing session with Miranda, I was amazed.When she sat me down for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, I didn't know what to expect, and I was honestly quite tentative because I have always been very spiritually and energetically closed off. I've always complained to Miranda that I have a giant wall up when it comes to feeling emotions, instinct, finding spiritual connection, etc. Even just sitting down to meditate is often a boring experience that I can't usually complete. I was worried that this same wall would be up during our quantum healing session and we wouldn't get results.I was so wrong! After a loooong and enlightening discussion with Miranda for a couple hours (she definitely knows more about me than I know about myself now lol), we moved on to the hypnosis portion. She led me into some sort of meditation to bring out my knowledge of my past lives, which is something I've never thought much about and definitely have never accessed before. I couldn't believe that after just a couple minutes I was half asleep and describing to her- in detail- one of my past lives.Talking about it was the deepest emotion I've felt in an unbearably long time and I was sobbing my eyes out as I told her about a couple different events in my past life (this is something I had complained to her about before as well- it had been years since I've had a good cry). She was able to ask my subconscious (my angels!) a lot of different questions we'd written up before about my health, my future, my past, etc and the answers were kind of surprising and I'm definitely a little mind blown by the process.It's almost hard to describe in words but it was an unbelievable experience and definitely a breakthrough for me. I'm super, super grateful that she introduced me to it, and I'm also just so grateful for Miranda. You spend five minutes in a room with her and you leave feeling so understood, enlightened, and joyful. She's truly a blessing to all of us.
Amelia CortelloAmelia Cortello
18:58 05 Apr 23
I had an amazing experience with Miranda during my QHHT session . It was an eye opening experience and she walked me through it every step of the way. The environment at her store is very welcoming, calm , and warm. All the staff are excellent, polite, and personal like you were meant to meet them . Coming here for any service that Miranda provides or just coming in to buy a piece jewelry, to get a supplement, buy makeup , (there is a variety of things) you will most definitely find yourself coming back !
Daphne HDaphne H
18:05 16 Mar 23
Miranda did an amazing job at helping me feel comfortable and be at peace during my QHHT. I was so excited and ready for the healing that I went into that place first. Miranda walked me through the process with ease. Honestly I cannot wait to do a mini session, though I am able to access my own healing for myself now through God. Miranda helped me to process all that was experienced as well as dreams and other issues that have arose since then.
Nefertiti ZenoNefertiti Zeno
01:28 12 Feb 23
Miranda’s been my Aesthetician for about 10 years and I always look forward to the spiritual journey with each visit. I go in for a waxing and come out so uplifted from our conversation during the process. I absolutely love her!!! She is also QHHT certified. You might want to look it up if you’re not familiar with quantum healing. Had my first session and didn’t know what to expect since everyone’s experience is unique. A little background on me: I’m a fruit artist with arthritis in my hands from carving melons, I have arthritis in my knees from a motorcycle accident in 2014, and I love to dance which is hard on the knees. During my session, I could feel my hands and knees being worked on. I was relaxed with my eyes closed but conscious the whole time , so when I felt heat and a very soothing tingling in my hand and knees, I peeked to see what was happening and all I saw was Miranda still seated in her chair talking to me. That’s when I realized I could actually FEEL my Angels healing my body!!! When I got up after it was all done, I felt no pain!!! There’s more to tell, but it’s too much to write here. I promise every word is true. I’m still amazed every time I get up from sitting or lying down and I feel NO pain!!! Can’t wait to have my next session!!!