Miranda Mantikos

Miranda Mantikos

Miranda Mantikos is the owner and creative mind behind Timeless Mind Body Soul. Her husband, Vasili Mantikos, plays a large role in the development of new concepts that come through inspiration. They are a dynamic duo whose life’s missions focus on faith, love and family. They extend this love to you through their local businesses and community services.

Miranda was born with the gift of healing and was always the child trying to save the world. She is spiritually guided through prophecy, dreams, channeling, telepathic communication, touch, and other modalities.

She was guided by SOURCE to focus all of her talent on healing services and expanded her business to encompass these modalities for the good of humanity. She is a spiritual and creative advisor for Timeless Mind Body Soul, You Night Empowering Events for Women, and Rivers Psychotherapy, LLC. She offers healing and spiritual coaching services for individuals looking to expand and develop these practices in their personal or professional practice.

She is ready to help with the gifts she has been blessed with sending love and light out to you all and to the world.

  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT)
  • Certified Sound Healer
  • Licensed Master Aesthetician
  • Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialist
  • Spiritually Guided Nutritional Coach