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Madeline’s Angels

Pink Elephants is an idea that came to me after experiencing my first miscarriage. My husband and I have two healthy little boys thanks to the Lord, however, we suffered through 4 miscarriages after having our sons in an attempt to try for a third child.

​This experience opened my eyes to the silent suffering of women during the loss of their pregnancy. Through prayer and guidance, our angel was named Madeline. Our sweet Madeline is the one who inspired that we do something to help others, and thus the Madeline’s Angels Division of Pink Elephants was formed.

​Our wish is for Pink Elephants to support multiple aspects of women’s unique challenges, such as providing support for single mothers, connecting women to professional emotional support services as needed, helping them to access needed resources for personal growth and development, etc.

​Madeline’s Angels Division will focus on providing emotional support, prayer, resources for honoring your little one’s memory such as a size-appropriate memorial urn. Additionally, we would like to develop a liaison between our organization and our local OBGYN practices, to help them better understand the emotional and spiritual needs of women & men who suffer this loss. We would also like to see a change in the trend of medical practices surrounding early pregnancy, while we love our amazing doctors who help us so much, we feel the common occurrence of miscarriage can tend to lessen their perception of the tremendous emotional pain this causes.

The very existence of this organization is proof that every baby comes here for a special reason and can inspire the world for good, even if they only stayed a short time. Through my story and other mothers involved in our organization, we would love the opportunity to help all grieving mothers find their joy again, and provide them with long term friendships that will change their lives forever.

As we grow, we thank you for your patience as well as for any ideas you may have to offer in support of our endeavors, to better serve the women of our community and their families.